The NCR 5886 is a robust and reliable ATM.

Its exible expansion options means it is easy to upgrade to
keep up with technological developments, extending its operational
lifespan even further.

5886 atm_MG_6916 copy
5886 atm_MG_6923 copy
  • Standard Features
    Bill Alignment Cash Dispenser with 2* Double Aria Pick
    Modules (4H)/ Standard currency cassettes
    P4 2.8 MHZ PIVAT PC, 40/80 GB HDD, 1GB RAM
    12.1” LCD LED Display monitor
    Function Display Keys (FDKs)
    Motorised Magnetic and Smart card reader/writer with
    Card Return On Power Fail (CROPF),
    EPP V4
    Enhanced Operator Panel (EOP)
    40 column graphics receipt printer (thermal)
    40 column graphics journal printer (thermal)
    LED Fascia Lighting
    UL291 Safe
    Electronic logging
    Error handling and recovery
    State of health monitoring
    Supervisor interface.
    Media entry indicators
    Digitized audio
    RS-232 device interface(s)
    Industry standard architecture (ISA).
    DGI WORKS Anti Skimming System
  • Options
    Barcode Reader
    USB Camera
    Cash Depositing (BNA)
    Envelope Depositing
    Tamper indicating Cassettes
    Touch Screen
    Customized Cabinette and Fascia Colours
    Enhanced Audio