Media Display Module

MDM - Media Display Module


  • Value promise of the MDM Module

MDMs provide the opportunity for Bank’s ATMs to be evaluated as innovative and dynamic communication tools with the LED Screens which can be mounted in front of the ATMs.

In another saying, we are adding a ‘’digital signage’’ ability, which is the most developing field of digital marketing, on to the ATMs.

When we consider the cost of visual and print media which cost a lot, we believe the banks will evaluate this platform effectively and contribute  to the integrated marketing activities.


  • Standard Features*

     – Remote Management Capabilities

     – Simple and user friendly interface

     – Prepare periodic broadcast programs (hourly, daily, weekly)

     – Play different formats of media.

     – Supports real time broadcasting

     – Get error reports via SMS or e-mail

     – Wide Screen LED Displays (from 12,5 inches to 32 inches)

     – Remote video upload, delete, play or stop (up to 16 GB)

     – Ability to connect to the network of the ATM via local network or Mobile (3G) modem.

     – Easy management with Server-supported web interface special management module.

     – Ability to play high definition videos with HDMI video format

     – Managable internal audio output

     – Volume up/down and minute functions (via both remote control and remote access via the module)

     – Compact Design


  • Features of Shutter System (optional)**

– Can be applied to all kinds of TTW (Through-the-Wall) ATMs

– Can be remotely managed or can set the time.

– Has electric motor.

– Works with MDM.


  • Software Capabilities of MDM Module

MDM Module has an interfaced content management software which is one hundred percent domestic production, web based, managable via PC,Tablet and Smartphones. With this software, it is possible to ;

–  Create content and designs

–  Plan broadcast and timing

–  Send broadcasts to chosen screens

–  Provide downloading of the videos on screens and broadcast the video.

MDM Module content management software can be used by staff who can

use the PC and office programs.

Supported Video and Audio Formats :   Avi, Wmv, Mpeg, Mpeg4, Flv, Swf, Mp3, Wav